NASA nominates Nokia to build the first ever cellular network on the moon

Hamza Zakir • 1 day ago

SpaceX and NASA’s manned mission postponed due to bad weather

Naima Rabbie • May 28, 2020

NASA confirms upcoming Tom Cruise movie to be shot on the International Space Station

Taha Abdullah • May 9, 2020

USGS releases ‘most comprehensive geologic map of the moon ever’

Hamnah Khalid • April 25, 2020

SpaceX wins contract to fly cargo to NASA’s planned Gateway space station

Taha Abdullah • April 2, 2020

NASA estimates the cost of the next moon landing to be a staggering $35 Billion

Taha Abdullah • February 12, 2020

NASA selects startup Axiom Space to build first commercial habitat modules for ISS

Taha Abdullah • January 28, 2020

NASA unveils its ‘most powerful rocket’ to date

TechJuice • December 12, 2019

NASA tests its latest Mars Rover in a lava field

Hamza Zakir • August 16, 2019

It’s been 50 years since NASA got the first man to moon

Shaheryar Ehsan • July 19, 2019

NASA is sending an atomic clock to space for navigation of spacecrafts

Muneeb Ahmad • June 18, 2019

Satellite destruction experiment by India was a ‘terrible move’: NASA

Muneeb Ahmad • April 3, 2019

NASA could rely on the Falcon Heavy rocket of Space X to send people to the Moon

Hamza Zakir • April 2, 2019

Nasa selects eighth-grade Pakistani student for one-week internship

Shaheryar Ehsan • February 16, 2019