NASA uses a Giant Slingshot For Tossing Satellites Into Space

Named as the Spin Launch suborbital accelerator, the space throwing slingshot has had over 10 successful testing Remember watching cartoons...

Oct 6 · >

Elon Musk Trolls NASA with the famous Oscar Will Smith-Chris Rock Slap

The Tesla CEO marks NASA’s successful DART mission by tweeting a photo of the ‘King Richard’ actor delivering an...

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Sep 29 · >

NASA Is All Set To Launch Its Moon Rocket For The Second Time

Artemis-1, NASA’s brand new obsession and focus is supposed to bring the universe closer to humankind and would land...

Sep 1 · >

NASA’s Spacecraft ‘Right on Track’ to Crashing an Asteroid for Testing of its Planetary Defense Systems

(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) NASA, just recently announced that its DART spacecraft is right on track and is...

Aug 29 · >

NASA working on an electric air taxi

In recent news, NASA has just taken the next step in technological innovation as it aims to make flying...

Sep 7 · >

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Completes 7th Flight On Mars

In recent news, the 4 pounds helicopter known as the Ingenuity took to the Martian skies once again and...

Jun 11 · >

NASA Plans To Undergo A Daring Six Flight With Ingenuity Helicopter On Mars

In recent news, NASA is working its way to make its sixth flight on the Red Planet next week...

May 26 · >

US Embassy lauds Pakistani engineer for his contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 mission

Pakistani engineers and scientists have truly been making an impact on the global stage. In the most recent instance...

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May 19 · >

China’s rocket that fell was the third instance of Chinese space junk crashing in recent years

The 23-ton core stage of a Long March 5B booster crashed back to Earth Saturday night (May 8), concluding...

May 11 · >

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Set To Enter New Phase

After going through all four test flights on Mars, NASA’s helicopter is ready for its graduation. NASA had announced...

May 4 · >

Pakistani Developer’s Open Source Code Contribution To NASA’s Ingenuity Travels To Mars

Pakistani developers are truly making their mark in the world and not just in the freelancing ecosystem but globally...

Apr 29 · >

Musk pokes fun at Bezos in battle over space contract

The space race between the world’s two richest men went into hyperdrive on Tuesday after Tesla chief Elon Musk...

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