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Netflix Launches “Profile Transfer” to Prevent Account Sharing

Avatar Written by Fizza Akbar · 1 min read>

Netflix announced today the debut of “Profile Transfer,” a tool that allows a current account to transfer to a new account without rebuilding its profile. This keeps customers’ personal data, such as personalized recommendations, watching history, a list of favorite shows/movies, and other preferences, from being wiped and having to start again.

netflix profile transfer

As the streaming service pushes down on account sharing, the new Profile Transfer function is expected to ultimately inspire freeloaders to pay for their own accounts.

The functionality is being rolled out today, and subscribers worldwide will be alerted by email. Once accessible, customers may navigate to their profile icon on the Netflix site and select “Profile Transfer.”

The “Profile Transfer” option can also be disabled in account settings.

“People are moving. Families expand. Relationships fail. However, your Netflix experience should remain consistent during these life transitions,” Timi Kosztin, product manager, Product Innovation, Netflix, stated in today’s blog. “No matter what’s going on, make your Netflix profile a constant in a life full of changes so you can sit back, relax, and pick up just where you left off.”

Following a large loss in subscribers, the streamer said it would explore password-sharing services. Netflix claimed password freeloaders in about 100 million households in its Q1 2022 financial release.

Netflix debuted an “extra members” function in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru in March, charging users a charge for additional persons using their accounts. In July, Netflix tested a “add a house” function in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Today’s news comes as the streaming behemoth loses roughly one million users and seeks new revenue streams. Netflix introduced its lower-cost ad-supported service last week.