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Apple’s less-than-expected iPhone sales; while quarterly sales boomed

In a year that will be remembered as a nightmare for many tech firms, Apple has so far managed...

Oct 29 ·>

Elon Musk fires top executives including CEO, CFO after acquiring Twitter

Elon Musk reportedly sacked senior Twitter executives on Thursday, one of his first steps as the social media platform’s...

Oct 28 ·>
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Apple Confirms it will be making USB-C Charging Port for iPhones

After months of speculation and third-party announcements, Apple has officially confirmed that it will be transitioning its iPhones to...

Oct 27 ·>
Apple USB-C

PTA may Exempt Import Taxes on Personal Smartphones from overseas

All cell phones imported into Pakistan must be certified by the PTA within 60 days, or they would cease...

Oct 27 ·>

Rollable Screens could be the next Tech Breakthrough for Smartphones

When you want it, your future mobile gadget could be able to roll up or expand to a more...

Oct 27 ·>
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Floating Solar Farms could be environment’s next game-changer

Floating solar farms are becoming increasingly popular across the world. According to NASA, which shot one of the world’s...

Oct 27 ·>

Why the Metaverse is more than a Hype and a Reality

According to techno-evangelists, the Metaverse is “the next big thing.” Meta (previously Facebook) has disclosed considerable R&D spending. Heavy...

Oct 26 ·>

Top 3 Biggest Crypto Scams of All Time

With the crypto and bitcoin market growing by the day, more frauds are emerging with the increased amount of...

Oct 26 ·>
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India’s heaviest rocket launches 36 OneWeb broadband satellites

According to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the largest rocket, the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3 or GSLV...

Oct 25 ·>
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Fitbit sued for misleading customers over refund policy on faulty devices

According to a statement released on Monday by Australia’s competition commission, legal action has been initiated against Fitbit LLC...

Oct 25 ·>

Indian Hackers Allegedly Targeted FIA & other Govt Organisations

SideWinder, also known as APT-C-17 or Rattlesnake, frequently targets Pakistan with harmful cyberattacks and is doing so again. With...

Oct 25 ·>
india hackers

WhatsApp down in Pakistan & other countries due to recent outage

Earlier today, an unexplained incident caused the social media platform Whatsapp all over Pakistan to fall down. People began...

Oct 25 ·>
whatsapp down