Netflix has extended its services to Pakistan

By TechJuice on
January 6, 2016
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Pakistani users can rejoice because now they will be able to consume a lot of Netflix content through its official presence in Pakistan. Netflix has opened its service for all the world including Pakistan. The announcement was made by the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings at the keynote at CES Tech Show in Las Vegas.

For the uninitiated, Netflix is an on demand video streaming service, a better alternative to traditional television channels for watching movies, dramas and videos on your own terms.

Reed Hastings also confirmed that the service will begin offering HDR content in a few months time.

Netflix is subscription based service, one subscription lets the user get access to all the libraries of digital media content available on the website. It also allows multiple users to get access to the service through one user’s subscription.

For all those worried about the payment plans. First month is free to test the service out and after that there is basic 7.99 dollars package. Here is a snapshot of that.


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