Netflix Tightens Restrictions On Sharing Passwords:Driving Away Customers

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The biggest video streaming channel, Netflix, tightens the noose around password sharing. Netflix has become strict and widened its password-sharing crackdown, leaving subscribers unhappy.

Due to this reason, subscribers are leaving and canceling their subscriptions. Many people used the hashtag #CancelNetflix on Twitter to vent their rage as the crackdown on account sharing intensified.
Subscribers are expressing their anger on Twitter. Moreover, the users also shared screenshots of quitting their subscriptions after the password-sharing ban.

Netflix originally planned to introduce “paid sharing” to U.S. viewers and subscribers in the first quarter of this year but decided to start in the summer. According to the new policy, U.S. subscribers must make people leave their accounts or pay $7.99/month for an additional membership outside their house.

However, Netflix offers various tools that make the transition easier by allowing current subscribers to view how many devices are signed in to their account and have access to remove those that shouldn’t have access.

Netflix says, “A Netflix account is for use by one household; everyone living in that house can use Netflix wherever they are and can avail new features like transfer files and manage access and devices.”

On the other hand, one of the users tweeted, “11 years passing a subscription, oh well, time to move on”.
Another user expressed his expression: “I have been a subscriber for ten years; I am now married with kids and have homes in multiple countries. For this reason, I upgraded to premium. Netflix used to be convenient, even if they were overpriced and had mediocre content. They just lost that edge”.

Another user added, “Bye, Netflix.”
In contrast, Amazon Prime Video, a competitor of the streamer, joined in the fun by making fun of the previously permitted practice.
But, it seemed Netflix remained strict about its new policies and restrictions, no matter whether people were leaving the most extensive video streaming services.
“From our experience in Latin America, we expect some cancel reaction in each market when we roll out paid sharing, which impacts near-term member growth,” Netflix said in the earnings report.

“But as borrower households begin to activate their standalone accounts and extra member accounts are added, we expect to see improved overall revenue, which is our goal with all plan and pricing changes.”

In addition, Amazon prime video has mocked Netflix’s recent crackdown, sparking a positive response from the public.
Prime Video UK took a dig at Netflix in a tweet by sharing a screenshot of its profile page that humorously states that “everyone who has our password (heart emoji) ❣️

This was a response to a 2017 tweet from Netflix that said, “Love is sharing a password,” which now seems ironic.
Netflix users are unhappy with the decision and appreciate prime video’s blunt response. Netflix has been emailing its subscribers, informing them that sharing accounts outside of theirs is totally against the rules.

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