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NetSol Technologies launches campaign to bring married women back to workplaces

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NetSol Technologies, one of top 500 software houses of the world as ranked by Forbes Magazine, is taking an initiative to encourage mothers back to work. The organization has opened job opportunities exclusively for women, providing them with essential on-office facilities as per a campaign which focuses on bringing women especially moms back to work.

The press release stated that a campaign aiming to inspire young mothers and housewives to return to work has been in function since, 10th June 2016. The campaign was focusing on bringing women back to work by offering them a sound working structure. A study was being conducted, hence, which brought to light the factors responsible for the thinning down of gender diversity up the ladder of leadership hierarchy. The study revealed that about 90% of women stepped out of their jobs either when they get married or when they have their first child. Further such issues were investigated and highlighted as part of that study

Recognizing the far-reaching advantages of gender diversity, NetSol Technologies has taken to resolving the issues responsible for poor index in workplaces. A supportive working environment has been in place to make sure that no woman finds it hard to return to the workforce after their marriage or after the birth of their first child.

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Aiysha Munir, Manager QE at NetSol Technologies, while highlighting the issue said,

“The reason I have been able to continue my job at NetSol is largely due to the availability of daycare. It makes a huge difference for mothers to know that their children are being taken care of and as the daycare is in close proximity, it is easier to check in on them at least once during the office hours.”

The software house houses a daycare, with proper support staff and a teacher to train the children in their initial years. A high-quality gaming zone and a gymnasium have also been made functioning. Extra-Curricular Activities are being made an integral part of the routine of working women.

It also has an exclusive cafeteria which serves fresh and hygienic food to all staff free of cost. Pick and drop facility has also been provided for women. The medical facility is also an added advantage.

NetSol is a workplace which is a well-known name when it comes to giving all the factors its due importance. It basically is a global provider of IT and Enterprise Software Systems and provides solutions to clients in USA, Pakistan, England, Thailand, China, Australia, and Japan. NetSol also was featured in the Forbes list of ‘500 best software companies to work for in 2015’ and has won the P@SHA Award for Gender Diversity in 2014, making it the best company with the best gender diversity ratio in the IT industry of Pakistan.

As the advanatage of gender diversity are being brought to light, the initiatives are also being taken and it is expected that a great number of moms shall take advantage of these facilities.

Any mother who is looking to join their workforce should just dust her CV and send it to NetSol at

For further details about NetSol and its lifestyle, visit their Facebook page here.

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