New patent reveal that LG is also working on an all screen display

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November 10, 2018
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Recent leaks from the veteran, ‘Ice Universe’ on Twitter revealed that Samsung isn’t the only company working on an all-screen display smartphone. Fresh patents reveal that LG is seemingly also working on the bezel-less futuristic design.

According to Let’s Go Digital, which first revealed the patent, LG is adopting all screen display with a hole drilled inside of it which is similar to Samsung’s infinity O display. The reason behind the hole in the screen as revealed by ‘Let’s Go Digital’ is to further increase the screen to body ratio. Ever since the appearance of ‘Essential phone’ companies have been trying their best to design that highly anticipated all-screen display. LG, the second South Korean tech-giant only behind Samsung has faced some rough years in its smartphone sales and much like Samsung the company has decided to regain the smartphone market by innovating and introducing breakthrough technology. The leaks show that LG plans to introduce its upcoming flagship with a curved glass fully bezel-less display.

Recently, a series of smartphone design patents were filed by LG with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) which hinted at an all-glass display design. Furthermore, LG also filed a patent which included an in-display camera. The interesting about this illustration is that it hints at possibly two all-screen display designs. One design shows a traditional flat edge display while the other suggests a curvier rounded- sides display. However, this still does not explain the reason why the hole is ovular and not circular, the only reason that can be explored is that LG intends to cram more than one front-facing camera. The worrying sign for LG is that this design still does not compete with Samsung’s ‘all infinity display’ design and with LG’s recent smartphone sales going towards a downward spiral, the company would find it difficult to compete against the mighty Samsung at flagship level who also patented a similar device, which also describes a phone with an edge-to-edge display and an under-screen camera.

LG previously confirmed that it is also working on a foldable phone, and this new full-screen patent continues the company’s attempts to innovate in the smartphone market. With 2019 almost upon us, it seems that the consumers might finally be able to bid adieu the ‘infamous notch’ trend.

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