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New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra To Have 200Mp Camera

Written by Techjuice Team ·  59 sec read >
Samsung S23

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S series phone that is expected to be released next year will have an ISOCELL HP2 sensor and a 200MP camera. It is the third Samsung phone that will have a 200MP camera.

The new 200-pixel count is way more than that of the S22 series, which only had a 108Mp camera. This high jump was probably caused due to the other two phones, which had 200Mp sensors.

The first phone to ever have a 200Mp camera sensor was the Moto Edge X30 flagship by Motorola, which had Samsung’s ISOCELL HP1. The other mobile that had a 200Mp mobile was the Xiaomi 12s Ultra which had an ISOCELL HP3 sensor in it. Samsung made both of these sensors but surprisingly didn’t use them in any of their phones.

It is evident that this unreleased 200Mp camera sensor will be better than the previous ISOCELL HP1 and ISOCELL HP2 and would beat them in the number of pixels and the light-capturing capacity and precision.

But this more significant pixel count will bring about many other problems for the company. The Samsung Galaxy S20 was the company’s first phone with a 108 Mp camera, and it caused weight and exceedingly high prices for the mobile. Both its successors, S21, and S22, had the same share of issues. Samsung might have worked to overcome these potential threats, but still, only time can tell if this step by the company is worth it or not.

Despite these issues, the fans of the S series are excited about the colossal pixel gain, which is a historical step by Samsung. Many people have started to pre-order the phone ignoring the critics’ remarks.