Nonprofits by Google added 10 more countries including Pakistan, now cover 67 countries in general

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 48 sec read>

Nonprofit organizations have told Google that they need digital equipment so that they could maintain productivity and raise awareness. Google has now accumulated 10 more countries on the list of nonprofits. Countries like Ukraine, Pakistan, Tanzania, Malta, Cyprus, and Bosnia, etc. are added to the list.

This means that Pakistan can now use the facility of Google for Nonprofits once the initial requirements are completed.
The Nonprofit Programme manager Isha Mishra quoted on her blog that the initiative is going to be available in over 60 countries receiving about 67,000 applications in a week from nonprofit organizations globally.

Google for Nonprofit is an umbrella term that covers not just the G suite offerings but also other perks from the Google Ads, Maps, and YouTube. many of these products will be heavily discounted, the nonprofit organization will go through a verification process before becoming eligible for Google for Nonprofit member

Google also offers non-profits more features packed paid-tier at fraction of the original cost. The plans are priced at $4 and $8 per user per month in the US but this new market should have a similar subscription in local currencies.

Last Wednesday, Google published a statement saying that they are going to offer an additional $200 million advertising grants to the nonprofit organizations and also releasing a slew of product update as it is waiting for the reopening of economies after the COVID-19 Pandemic.