Note 8 has over 1% market share of all Androids

Written by Shehryar Ahmed ·  51 sec read >
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 last month. The model was much anticipated and subjected to loads of suspicious speculation thanks to the unfortunate series of events concerning its predecessor, the Note 7.

Despite the rather undue suspicions associated with the Note 8, it’s safe to say that Samsung has hit a gold mine. Within a month of its release, the Galaxy Note 8 has captured over 1% of the market share of Android phones in USA, Australia and Samsung’s home base, South Korea.

South Korea alone contributed to the sale of over 270,000 Note 8 Units in the opening weekend.

1.7% of total Android users in South Korea have picked the 6.3” mobile phone as their weapon of choice, whereas 1% of Australian and American users have bought the device.

Sadly, the Note 8 has failed to attract large numbers of customers in the whole of Europe, where the total share still falls below 1% of the total Android count.

Most users have commended the Note 8’s quad-HD+ AMOLED HDR display along with the super fast processor which has been paired with 6 GB ram to ensure smooth sailing of the Android 7.1.1. software system.

The Note 8 boasts the Octa-core Exynos 8895 chipset, along with the standard IP68 waterproof certification.

On a lighter note, it’s quite amazing how well Samsung is doing despite the Note 7 combustion scandal. Samsung has managed to increase the value of its shares by 63%, whereas a 73% rise in revenue has been recorded in this quarter’s financial report.

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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