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Now Take A Helicopter Ride In Bengaluru To Avoid Road Traffic

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Helicopter ride in Bengaluru

Don’t tell me you never dreamt of flying to your work to avoid traffic chaos. Traffic chaos is difficult to deal with as one feels stressed and bored. But why do you need to worry when Blade is there? Yes, someone has stepped up and taken the initiative to facilitate the residents of Bangalore.

Soon people in Bengaluru are going to see helicopters flying in the air. Since urban air mobility company Blade has announced that they are introducing a helicopter flight service. Therefore, this flight service will be between Bangalore International Airport and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) airport.

However, people can benefit from this service during given working days of the week from Monday to Friday. This service will be inaugurated on October 10. Undoubtedly, Bengaluru is India’s IT hub center and among the cities with the worst traffic chaos in the world.

According to BLADE, the intra-city service will enable the passengers to save time. Purposedly, the flight allows them to reach their destination in 12 minutes instead of the two-hour by-road route to the city. The reason behind choosing HAL as the pickup location is it is near popular areas in the town like Indiranagar, Koramangala, and IT parks.

Hence, one can book a flight like any other air ticket. In contrast, the starting price of a flight is Rs 3,250, excluding taxes. On the other hand, you spend Rs. 1,300 if you take a cab from the international airport to HAL airport. Traveling via a taxi takes almost two hours or more to reach your destination, depending on the traffic situation.

The individuals can catch a flight at 9 am from Bengaluru Airport to reach HAL and return in the evening by catching the flight at 4.15 pm. Amit Dutta, the managing director of BLADE India, claimed that their success is their ability to democratize urban air mobility. With this initiative, we can provide an approachable entry point, and helicopter services are a premium product.

Moreover, this launch will open the doors for future taxi services of eVTOL aircraft. Amit Dutta also said that our company collaborates with organizations like AIRBUS and Eve Mobility for a good purpose. The good purpose is to provide economical air transportation. We care about the traffic chaos in India and look for different ways to deal with it.

Furthermore, the company plans to add more routes like Whitefield and Electronic City after launching the service.

In the past in November 2019, the company introduced its maiden flights in Maharashtra between Mumbai, Pune, and Shirdi. Likewise, they expanded their schedule of by-the-seat helicopter flights to Coorg, Hampi, and Kabini in Karnataka and Goa.

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