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NASA Plans To Undergo A Daring Six Flight With Ingenuity Helicopter On Mars

Written by Usman Aslam ·  37 sec read >

In recent news, NASA is working its way to make its sixth flight on the Red Planet next week which will be the first to be executed during the Ingenuity’s operations demonstration phase which will include numerous features in regards to the airfield.

This new phase includes data and images from the flight that would be returned to Earth in a matter of days. Moreover, the flight plan will begin with the helicopter ascending to 10 meters and then heading southwest for about 150 meters. After this, the helicopter will begin acquiring color imagery of respective interest. After the image collection, Ingenuity will fly about 50 meters northeast and will focus on a new base of operations which has been deemed as ‘Field C’.

In addition, the top groundspeed will be 9 mph and the time a lot will be around 150 seconds hence making the helicopter land at an airfield and survey from the air by relying on imagery collected by the HiRISE camera which is aboard the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that will suggest a new base of operations.

Written by Usman Aslam
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