Now you can download an app of 200MB on iPhone as Apple increases mobile data limit

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed · 1 min read>

Apple has increased the cellular download limit for iPhone and iPad from 150 MB to 200 MB. The cellular limit prevents iPhone and iPad users to download large files which include apps, games, video podcasts, iTunes Store films, etc. from Apple’s store using cellular data. With the increased limit, users will be able to download more apps and games from their cellular networks.

The limit placed by Apple saves iOS users from accidentally downloading a game or an app on their LTE package and in-turn losing their carriers’ data limit. However, the cellular limit is often considered as a stupid feature as Apple offers no other option to override the limit and force the download to complete. Moreover, those iPhone users who have unlimited data plans are also prohibited from downloading large apps from the Apple store.

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Apple instead of putting a limit should add an alert in the system that should warn users from downloading large files, but there must be another ‘Continue Download’ option allowing users with unlimited data to complete their download.

One important point to note here is that iOS software tests the cellular data limit against the thinned, compressed file size, but the App store reports games and apps before they are thinned. This means that users can probably download an app over their cellular network with a size around 240 MB on the App Store.

But this does not mean that the limit placed by Apple is 240 MB, it is because the version of the app that is being downloaded on an iPhone, is free from the irrelevant assets including artwork which is only used on the iPad version of the game.