Now you don’t need a facebook account to use facebook messenger

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If you have always been the privacy nut in your social circle and just use Facebook for its messaging, then you will be glad to know that Facebook Messenger on Smartphones doesn’t need a Facebook Account, just a phone number. This is a blessing in disguise for people who don’t want to be on Facebook but just need the messenger app on their phone to keep in touch with friends.

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According to a blog post from Facebook earlier today, it was announced that the messenger app has been updated to allow people to use the app with just their mobile number. At the time of installing the app, simply choose “Not on Facebook?” and you will be prompted to enter your mobile number.

Mobile number users will have the same access as regular users in terms of sending smileys, stickers, placing VoIP calls, chatting with friends, etc. Though Facebook is still encouraging users to sign up with an account since there are a plethora of benefits that come with it.

Source: FB Newsroom

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