Pakistan has the potential to produce 150,000 MW from wind energy

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 42 sec read>

Citing concerns of the government’s priorities towards the looming energy crisis the President of Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI), SM Naveed, said that Pakistan has the potential to produce 150,000 MW from wind alone. He said that wind-based energy generation projects could fetch investment worth $2 billion but the government was opting for long-term energy projects.

He said, “Government should opt for short-term energy projects to curb the prevailing energy crisis that has crippled the national economy in general and the industrial sector in particular.”

He also stated that the government had planned to introduce more renewable energy into the system by generating 2,500MW of energy from wind sources, 1,000MW through solar power, 50,000MW from large hydropower plants, 3,100MW from small hydropower plants, and 500MW from waste. Instead, the government has been focused on long-term energy projects.

PCJCCI Senior Vice President Daud Ahmed also said that the energy shortfall was detrimental to the industrial sector and hampered its progress. The percentage of electricity being generated from renewable sources in Pakistan is also very low as compared to other countries. Pakistan is currently relying on gas and oil for 43.7% and 29% of electricity generation respectively.

Source: Tribune
Image Source: Cleanleap