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Solar Grids Bring Relief To Sindh

Indus Earth Trust (IET), an organization promoting green energy, has given an entirely productive solution for residents of Ishaq...

Apr 13 · >

Transparent Solar Panels Can Possibly Replace Windows in the Future

Named as Transparent Solar, the technology can collect the light entering through windows and use it to create electricity...

Apr 3 · >

Global Renewables Capacity Grew By 10% Last Year

The International Renewable energy Agency (IRENA) said on Tuesday that renewable energy capacity grew by 9.6% last year but...

Mar 22 · >

51 Renewable Energy Projects of 2.6k MW Capacity Completed This Year

A total of 51 renewable energy projects of 2634 megawatt capacity have been completed and are supplying electricity to...

Nov 15 · >

Europe’s Energy Crisis Gives Boost To Green Hydrogen

If the world needs to achieve zero emissions, then changes in gas production are essential. In today’s world, many...

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Nov 3 · >

Asia’s Super Clean Energy Grid Is Closer To Reality

Long-distance power-line technology is rapidly improving Advocates claim that a continental grid would accelerate the energy transition The plans...

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Oct 26 · >

US Finances Pakistan Government For Production of Renewable Energy Sources

Khurram Dastgir, Federal Minister for Power, met with a delegation of the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) today and...

Oct 24 · >

This Japanese company is betting on a giant turbine to provide “limitless clean energy”

While the world at large is facing an energy crisis, a Japanese company has been quietly tinkering away at...

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Jun 13 · >

CPEC Helps Pakistan Overcome Energy Crisis

In recent news, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) assisted Pakistan to overcome its recent energy crisis to ensure that...

Jun 28 · >

Apple set to use Tesla’s megapack batteries at its California solar farm

Apple has announced that it is building a huge battery storage project at the Northern California solar park. However,...

Apr 2 · >

Pakistan has the potential to produce 150,000 MW from wind energy

Citing concerns of the government’s priorities towards the looming energy crisis the President of Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce...

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Jan 21 · >

K-Electric created a $1.7m renewable energy focused venture capital fund, here’s why

It looks like every organization is investing in venture capital funds these days, even if it’s an electric utility...

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Nov 10 · >