Pakistani man sent to jail over TikTok video

By Faisal Saeed on
July 23, 2019
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Sajid Khan, who belongs to Jhelum Pakistan, has been sent to jail for uploading a TikTok video while holding an illegal pistol in hand. The famous short music lip-syncing app is quite popular in Pakistan and in recent months, the number of users has increased exponentially. But Sajid went a little too far and ended up behind bars.

The DPO Jhelum directed the police officials to book the guy for illegal possession of a 30-bore pistol. The violation by Sajid was pointed out by a private news channel after which the police took action against him.

Sajid uploaded a gangster-style short video on TikTok with some desi music in the background as a fun video. However, the pistol he was holding was an illegal one and resulted in police action. (The video can be seen at the end of the story).

TikTok is considered as a good time-pass entertainment platform by the users but the app is facing investigation for how it handles the data and safety of users. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started an investigation against the app is February charged it with $5.7 million fine for breaking the privacy of underage users.

Moreover, the trade commission is investigating how TikTok gathers private data of users, and the concerns related to open messaging system, which may allow adult users to contact underage users easily.

It is to be noted here that a few months ago, the Indian government banned the TikTok app in the country after concerns were raised that people were using it for pornographic purposes and exploiting children. However, after only a few weeks later the government reversed their decision and lifted the ban from the app and allowed it to resume its services in the country.

The app has also resulted in the death of a youngster in India. A 17-year-old teenager was making a TikTok video with his relatives who were posing with a gun. While making the video the trigger of the gun accidentally got pulled by one of the relatives which killed the boy.

TikTok videos are a good source of entertainments but it should be kept in mind that playing with guns will only result in either a serious incident or the person ending in jail.

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