Pakistanis react on Twitter over the suspension of social media accounts posting in support of Kashmir

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August 19, 2019
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Social media giants mainly Twitter and Facebook are reportedly biased in their approach when Pakistanis raise their voices in support of Kashmiris and human rights violations the disputed region is facing. Over the last couple of weeks, multiple Pakistanis have taken to Twitter to report that accounts were being suspended after they posted about Kashmir.

Meanwhile, #StopSuspendingPakistanis was the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan. Director General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, through his personal Twitter account, said that Pakistani authorities have taken up with Twitter and Facebook the alleged suspension of Pakistani social media accounts posting in support of Kashmir. He indicated that Indian staff of Facebook and Twitter at their regional headquarters is the reason behind the suspension of these accounts. As he tweeted;

Interestingly, another clue of biased behavior of Facebook, Twitter is that no action is taken by these social media giants against Indian warmongers and hate-peddlers who have been spewing venom against Pakistan and feeding the world on lies about the situation in India occupied Kashmir.

Various media outlets also talked about the issue and raised curtains off the discriminatory approach of social media giants.

Notable public figures of Pakistan were seen complaining about controversial policies of Twitter.

For the uninitiated, since last couple of weeks, Indian authorities had imposed a curfew in India-occupied Kashmir, shut down communication networks including private mobile networks, internet services, and telephone landlines cut. The authorities have deployed tens of thousands of soldiers from across India to implement something that seemed a mystery. Whereas, global media outlet BBC has extended its shortwave radio broadcasts in Indian-administered Kashmir as Indian government continues the communication and media blackout in the valley.

Well, this is not the first time Indians have abused their influence over social media giants. Back in 2017, Indian Government urged Twitter to ban pro-Kashmir accounts & several Pakistanis were in the list.

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