Pakistanis suffering from load shedding despite having more electricity than they need

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The CPEC drive power production projects have led to a drastic rise in the electricity being produced in Pakistan, much more than Pakistanis need. But, since the cost of producing more power is shifted to the consumers, they have to pay more for the electricity they don’t need and at most times don’t have either.

Having gone through at least half a century without adequate power supply, Pakistan is increasingly finding itself confronting a unique problem most couldn’t have predicted – more electricity than is needed.

As per a local news outlet, the mass scale construction of power plants, particularly the coal-fired ones built with China’s cooperation under the CPEC, has resulted in a rapid rise in the country’s energy capacity.

According to the media report, Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Power, Tabish Gauhar, admitted, “It’s true. We are producing much more than .” need”. The phenomenon can be attributed to the increase in coal-powered plants working throughout the country, including Karachi, Sahiwal, Hub, DG Khan, and Gwadar, 7 as 2021.

However, tragically, even as the supply increases, major cities, including Karachi, remain afflicted with power blackouts. Last month, a major power outage led to a nationwide blackout in the major cities.

Source: DAWN

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