Pakistan’s first income tax assistant app will save you time and a lot of money

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  2 min read >
Tax Assistant Pakistan

Tax season is always the worst time of the year for many Pakistani’s. It is a time of rigorous number crunching, hairpulling paperwork and much more. Most people would delegate the task to tax accountants or tax lawyers, both parties will charge you an arm and a leg especially when the season is upon you. Though if you become proactive and get a head start on the numerical part of your taxes, you might be able to save some money when hiring experts in the future.

Tax Assistant Pakistan is an application made by the Pakistani audience, for the Pakistan’s audience. It is a simplistic, minimal tax app that simply cuts to the chase and will help make your tax life a breeze. Whether you want to make sure you are being paid a fair wage or get down to brass tacks with the complete Tax Assistant, this app has you covered.


The app offers thorough and in-depth calculations of anything and everything that could be included in this years Tax forms. The app includes helping you calculate income from salary, income from rent, capital gain, income from other sources, deductible allowances, tax deductions & credits, and advance tax (adjustable).

The process of tax generation is such that your various revenue streams such as the different holding periods for both capital gains on securities, and on immovable property are weighed in. Sources of income, such as from dividends, interest or profits on debt, prize bonds or sales promotion gifts, and from buns shares, these are all factored in as well.

It also considers zakat and charity, your deductible allowances and your tax credit on various investments, ranging from insurance premiums to pension funds. Tax already paid and the different forms of advance tax are not overlooked. And another feature which makes this app priceless is that it takes into account your occupation and puts your tax grade in that section.

This application has been a hit amongst users so far who appreciate the fact that their work has been cut down, their money saved and most importantly, their data remains secure. Reviews for this application range from its users praising its simplicity of understanding to its accuracy. ‘Tax Assistant Pakistan’ was a much-needed app in this day and time.

However, like every application out there, this too cannot claim perfection. First of all, it does not include business income, for reasons unknown. And if you do not purchase the PRO version, the data will be lost and if you have not achieved your goal, it will take another few precious minutes to input all the data all over again. One would not call this a flaw, but it is a point to remember. Whilst this application may calculate your tax payable, it cannot calculate all your expenses and income. That has to be done by the user and involves a lot of time and effort.

Overall, The app is an essential for any breadwinner of a household who will have to submit taxes at the end of the year. If you are looking to get a head start on filing your taxes before the deadline, then I recommend you get into this app immediately. As a productivity app, this app has managed to hit all the right notes. Considering how it has been tailored with the exclusive audience of Pakistani taxpayers.

You can download the app by Clicking Here.