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Pakistan’s Internet Penetration Stands At 54 Percent In 2021, According To Study

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According to a recent study, conducted by Google and Kantar, a Karachi-based research company, out of 54 percent nearly 76 percent of Pakistanis are connected to the internet in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

Moreover, the study mentioned that nearly 66 percent of internet users were based in urban areas while 47 percent belonged to rural areas. In addition, nearly 46 percent of Pakistanis have access to the internet every day where the young generation were early adopters of the internet and were keen to try new things.

According to the report:
“Majority of non-internet users simply don’t have the means to access the internet penetration as they know about the internet but they can’t get onto it because they don’t have an internet-enabled device or a reliable internet connection.”

In addition, the usage of the internet increased exponentially due to COVID-19 and is continuing to increase by 10 percent daily. Moreover, YouTube usage has been increased by 90 percent which includes streaming music or watching tutorials. Google on the other hand is one of the top websites used worldwide.

The reports further state that:
“The reasons for turning to e-commerce are manifold; 71per cent of Pakistani shoppers find purchasing products or services online easy while 66per cent finds it convenient. 54per cent agree that online shopping websites or apps give personalized product recommendations, which is a common task from shoppers.”

Moreover, Google’s Faraz Azhar further explained:
“With half of its population on the internet – Pakistan is now online! This is the first time Google and Kantar released a study to understand more about Pakistan’s internet population. But it’s not only about people getting online, this research has uncovered new insights and behaviors that show how Covid is impacting online behavior and the digital opportunities waiting to be unlocked.”

In regards to this, Lead Westwood, Client Manager at Kantar added:
“More people are coming online in Pakistan, creating a great opportunity for e-Commerce businesses – if they are ready to seize it. As we see more exploration of the internet beyond social, e-retailers can capture natural cross-category purchasing on its rise, but only if they have first established themselves and their product offering in an online marketplace. Trust is also crucial, so helping customers gain confidence by showing them how easy, convenient and personal the e-shopping experience will be critical to continuing the upward rise of e-Commerce in Pakistan.”

Written by Usman Aslam
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