Pokemon Go generated over $600 million in revenue in first 90 days of launch

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According to a report by mobile market researcher App Annie, Pokemon Go earned over $600 million through in-app purchases in the first 90 days of its release. This makes it the fastest game to earn this amount by a big margin.

Everyone is aware of Pokemon Go’s insane popularity. However, there has not been a metric to measure its financial success as Niantic Labs, developer behind the popular game, has been reluctant to release actual numbers regarding revenue generated due to advertisements and in-app purchases.

Amidst insane rumors of Pokemon Go raking billions of dollars, App Annie has released its report on success of Pokemon Go. The numbers released by App Annie are still very impressive. It claims that Pokemon Go generated over $600 million in first 90 days of its release. By comparison, it took Candy Crush Saga over 200 days and Clash of Clans over 500 days to reach the $600 million mark.

The market research firm added that in the third quarter of 2016, Pokemon Go accounted for 45 percent of the time that players spent with Android games, compared to 55 percent for the next 19 most popular Android games. Commenting about this impressive feat, App Annie notes:

“The most impressive feat was Pokemon Go’s ability to single-handedly convert a massive amount of a player’s non-mobile time to mobile time. Pokemon Go wasn’t significantly borrowing time from other games or apps, for that matter. Rather, its innovative augmented reality gameplay and iconic brand were compelling enough to convince players to spend more time overall on their mobile devices.”

Although the numbers claimed by App Annie are impressive, they should be taken with a grain of salt as there is no official word available from Niantic Labs. No matter what the actual numbers are, one thing which can be said by certainty is that Pokemon Go will go down in history as game with the most explosive and viral launch. It remains to be seen if it manages to retain interest of gamers all around the world with new and exciting updates.

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