Porsche Just Launched Its First NFT Collection On Web3.0

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In July 2021, Coca-Cola, a giant soft drink company minted and sold NFT’s to raise money for Special Olympics  International. Nike released their crypto kicks line in less than a year. The company made this action with an NFT sneaker going for more than $130,000. Another big name Gucci, is constantly experimenting in Web 3 with releases that cover a variety of media including film, sculpture, digital fashion and more.

Not only this, in a recent interview with NFT, the exclusive car manufacturers officially announced to enter in Web 3.0 and unveiled its initial plans for its decentralized future.

The NFTs Might Go Fast

The first Web 3.0 project Porsche owns a 7,500 piece NFTs based on the vintage 911 in mind. As per the schedule, the NFTs are scheduled to release in January 2023. However, Hamburg designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel will create each piece.

Moreover, it has been decided that holders will participate in the design process after making a purchase to help create their unique NFTs. People will have an option to choose one of three routes for their Performance,lifestyle or heritage. Each route will have an enormous impact on overall design and character of the NFT.

Porsche ultimate goal behind the new virtual brand presentation is to broaden the appeal of its sports car to include to encompass digital artifacts. However, the NFT collection is only a beginning of Porsche Web3.0 plans . We have mad sour commitment for the long haul, and our Web3.0 team has every freedom to develop innovations in this dimension as well, said by Porsche’s deputy chairman and meme er of the executive board for finance and IT, Lutz Meschke.

Web 3 with NFT

Porsche Web 3.0 Future

Porsche is planning to integrate Blockchain technologies into its existing processes. According to the company, it’s innovation management teams see promise in moving the supply chain and purchasing experience into Web 3.0. Whereas, will explore vehicle and sustainability issues.

Porsche is planning to host a panel on November 30 to help spread the word regarding its NFT launch. Porsche is also planning to unveil an exclusive art installation at Art Basil Miami 2022. In this exhibition a physical sculpture Dream Big by Chris Laabroy will be a part at the Perez Art museum Miami.

Building A New Connection

While operating under Web 2 frameworks, the main focus of the brands is to improve their engagement metrics on social media.

Denis Keskin, Porsche’s director of brand management and partnerships, noted that Web 3.0 gives an opportunity to the company to give it’s customers novel digital experiences. Web 3.0 technologies and NFTs expand the creative process. Allowing brands to co create with their customers and helps in providing more custom-tailored experience.

We are excited to enter Web 3 with our first NFT collection. Our goal is an extension of our brand into a fully digital environment. Ideally, to meet new friends along the way.

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