Prime Minister launches online Visa facility for 175 countries

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Imran Khan

In his efforts to boost tourism in the country as well as attract foreign investments, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has recently launched the new online visa system for foreign visitors all across the world in a ceremony held in Islamabad.

PM Khan laid stress that opening the country’s doors to the world show a sign of confidence that the security situation in the country has certainly improved and “Pakistan is a secure country today.” The new e-visa scheme will facilitate visitors from 175 countries all across the world.

The newly launched eVisa policy will make Pakistan more accessible for investors across the globe, PTI’s official Twitter handle wrote. In its initial phase, citizens from countries like United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, China, and Turkey will be the first to avail the facility.

Under this new visa policy, the Pakistani government will grant three-month e-visas to foreigners in 175 countries within a processing time of 7-10 working days. Moreover, the government has also reduced the average visa fee by 22 to 65 percent.

Tourists who are seeking to obtain visas to Pakistan will simply have to log in to a portal here, fill out the application, upload the required documents and pay the due visa fee, according to the process detailed by National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). This will make it quite convenient for visitors to get their eVisa without visiting a Pakistan embassy or consulate. For those applicants whose visa get approved, they will be notified via email and SMS which will be reviewed upon their entry into Pakistan.

Moreover, the government will grant multiple business visas for five years within 24 hours only on the condition of provision of the required documents. Even foreign nationals of Indian origin will be allowed to gain the eVisa facility on arrival for religious tourism. PM Khan while addressing the launch ceremony stressed upon the need of the new visa regime to promote religious tourism as well as sight-seeing tourism. As he stated;

“Today I especially congratulate the interior ministry and foreign office. People don’t realize that this is a very big change today. To take a 1000 mile journey you have to take the first step. The task force on tourism will begin work on ecologically and environmentally friendly tourism in accordance with new best practices.”

Last but not least, the government has also chalked out a visa policy for foreign journalists to grant them visa on prior bases after approval from the Ministry of Information. This initiative certainly gives hope that these journalists from the west will highlight the positive side of our country.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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