Prime Minister says bureaucrats need to adapt to modern technology

By Talha Saqib on
April 5, 2018
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On Tuesday, the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi stated that the bureaucracy is the country’s backbone and therefore, for an efficient state management and optimal decision making it needs to adapt to the new realities of the fast-changing specialized world. He added, the complex issues of the technical nature required specialized training and use of the technology.

He addressed to the participants of the 108th National Management Course from National School of Public Policy (NSPP) at the Prime Minister’s (PM) Office, Islamabad.

Shahid Khaqan further said that Pakistan encountering huge challenges that include the economic issues, security challenges, and problems related to the socio-economic development. Moreover, since the devolution under the 18th constitutional amendment, the challenges of ensuring better service delivery and good governance had been increased. For that, the bureaucracy had to play a leading role in overcoming these challenges, especially at the provincial level.

While discussing the issues regarding socio-economy and the development of backward areas of the country, he emphasized on the need for capacity building by the provinces.

After being asked about the counter-terrorism efforts, the Prime Minister said that countering the terrorism was a continuous effort that involved addressing the root causes and the factors that were leading towards the extremism. According to him, Pakistan was the only country that had defeated terrorism and with the huge number of sacrifices.

He mentioned that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) provided a great opportunity and would prove to be a game changer for the development of the whole country.

The Prime Minister hoped that the specialized training given to the senior government functionaries at the NSPP would assist them in developing a better understanding of the formulation and implementation of public policy. Also, preparing them for taking assignments at the national policy level.

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