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Programming Guide for Absolute Beginners

Aman Irshad Written by Aman Irshad · 3 min read>
Programming for Absolute Beginners

Do you think you are lagging behind in programming? Are you under stress because of your fundamental programming course? Do you think that your peers are doing better than you? Do you think this is not your cup of tea? Relax, sit down and think again.

Do you really want to lose hope at the very beginning? If not all, most of us had experienced this when we actually started out. I know how it feels to think

“I always scored very good and now how can I not be good at something at all”

“I am a noob, I did not even know the general terms or jargons that tech people use”

“I am not good at anything and I can not do anything with my life. I should quit, pack my bags and go back home and tease my parents”

If you count in the first two types of people than I think I might help you with this article. If you are of the third type then I think no one can help you unless you change your attitude, embrace your failure with bravery and try out the things failed at again because only you can ignite the flame of hope back in you and if you don’t try yourself, trust me no one else can do this for you.

So let’s get back to the business, HOW CAN I IMPROVE MYSELF? Let me give you a few tips here, try these by holding yourself accountable, you will see things working out for yourself.

1. Try making the Logic yourself

This is the problem that most of freshmen highlighted to me that we don’t know how to begin with a problem, we don’t know how to make the logic. If this is your problem then you might need a little different approach towards solving a problem.

First what would you do when they ask you to make a program? You open your editor and start writing code? No? Then you might open your browser and start searching on the search engine so you may find help there? Still No? You might try to look on the screen of your class’s pro from the corner of your eyes and try to memorize what he/she is typing? Just stop right there, what you should be doing is something quite different than any of this.

Think Twice Code Once

The correct approach would be take out a piece of paper and start to think about ways you can solve a problem. Let’s say they give you a program to print the even numbers.

Write on paper: What’s your goal? print even numbers.
How would I do it: Think how many ways you can distinguish even numbers from the rest of the numbers.

I FOUND THE SOLUTION. Eureka! They are divisible by two and their remainder is zero. YES!!

If you don’t know about the syntax don’t worry, search of ways you can divide two numbers? How can you take modulus and save the remainder? Write all that on your paper too.

Now it’s time for you to open your editor and start writing the program. Because you have solved the initial problem beforehand, it won’t be difficult for you to figure out the rest. You will be able to make a successful program. Trust me there is no such happiness in the world than being able to run your program successfully in the first try of compilation. Try that, and you would agree with me.

Compiled Code No Errors

Now you must be thinking that this is a quite simple example that I have given, you have to deal with more difficult ones. I have only highlighted the approach you should adopt. Take an other example and try that for yourself.

2. Don’t Panic

This is is the key. DON’T PANIC. Don’t let anything shatter your confidence. It’s okay if others make the logic in 5 mintues and you take an hour. Atleast you are doing it yourself. Don’t be afraid of other’s prior knowledge. Keep trying. And after a while practice will indeed lead to, if not perfect, then something close to perfect.

3. Don’t get frightened by the PROS

Yes, I know. We all have some pros in our class who are already familiar with all the stuff. They have past programming experience. They complete lab tasks and leave the lab even when you haven’t figured out what to do or from where to start. They answer teacher’s questions and they themselves ask such questions on which your take would be something like this

Wait What Meme

I know they are extremely frightening people but don’t be afraid of them. You just can’t do anything about someone’s prior knowledge or about someone’s brain. This is the reality, you have to bear with it. What you can do is instead of getting jealoused, ask them for help. Keep on trying and don’t let this fear overcome you that you can not be as good as them. Just keep on commencing, even if your pace is slow. DO NOT STOP.

4. Ask Questions

The last thing I am going to tell you is that never get ashamed of your questions. You have guts so show them around and ask the questions bothering you. Don’t think what others must be thinking about you. No question is irrelevant. No question is insignificant. And no question is stupid. Don’t clatter your brain with the questions, ask them and release your stress. Even if you think that people on the back bench are laughing at your question, you just can’t help those dunderheads, let them laugh after a while they’ll come to realize that you were indeed right.

In the end, I would also encourage you guys to ask your seniors for help. There are many who would love to help. Keep smiling and happy coding!! 🙂

This story was originally published here. Featured Image Source: Pixabay.

Written by Aman Irshad
Aman is an ambitious young girl who loves to read, write and code and is on her way of self-discovery. Few questions are answered, few are yet to be answered. Profile