8 reasons why Patari Music is an opportunity missed by Telenor and Jazz Digital Teams

As I write this opinion, I am listening to one of my favorite childhood song — Chahat by Ali...

Jan 17 ·>

How this Lahore-based car wash startup increased sales by 60% through influencer marketing

As someone deeply interested in growth – be it in business or your personal life – I’m always thinking...

May 19 ·>
Car Wash

WorldCup T20 Cricket – Pakistan Vs India – How Data Science Can Help?

Have you ever heard of Money Ball? Or Nate Silver who runs FiveThirtyEight? I was wondering if I can...

Mar 19 ·>

My thoughts on recent brand relaunch

Before I jump onto what I like or dislike about the design, this by no means should be considered...

Feb 29 ·>

What Pakistani ecommerce stores are doing wrong in their online sales

Over the last three months, majority of Pakistan’s online stores have held more than 1 major sale event and...

Feb 15 ·>
Daraz Black Friday

Building Pakistan’s First Hand-Drawn Animation Studio

A chance visit with my heroes at Studio Ghibli in Japan inspired me to build my own studio. When...

Feb 8 ·>
Usman Riaz - The Glassworker

How to be an Ethical Hacker? Tips to choose the right path

Like many other people working in the field of information security in Pakistan, I also get tonnes of messages...

Jan 18 ·>

6 ways you can make the most of your time at Business Incubators

Business incubators get hundreds and thousands of applications for every round. So if you get into one, you’re lucky....

Jan 14 ·>
LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship is giving away 10,000 VR headsets absolutely free

In early 2015, we pioneered virtual reality in Pakistan and made it affordable so that anyone with a smartphone...

Jan 11 ·>

Data Sciences, ISIS and Predictions for 2016

Do you know what is common between San Bernardino’s shooting spree and the terrorist attacks in Paris last month?...

Jan 6 ·>

Dear Startup Ecosystem, let’s have a heart to heart

Within the startup ecosystem in Pakistan, there’s a lot of focus on trivial outcomes (awards, photo-ops). Sometimes I wonder...

Jan 5 ·>

Why nobody will steal your shitty startup idea

1- Because nobody cares. 2- Because an idea is 1% and execution is 99%. 3- Because the same idea...

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