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P@SHA holding an event to vitalize the technology industry of Pakistan

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Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) in an effort to bring the whole technology industry under one umbrella, is organizing an event tomorrow at Islamabad. The event is targeting tech executives.

P@SHA is about to launch a nationwide campaign to promote the technology industry and increase awareness around it in general population. This event is the stepping stone for the official launch of that campaign.

Tomorrow’s gathering will comprise of open house discussion, where attendees will be able to frankly discuss their problems and pose questions to a panel which vows to not only answer but take the real problems forward to a solution. There will be a discussion on the up coming campaign and agenda of it. This will be followed by a talk by the P@SHA Chairman and CEO of DPL, Syed Ahmed, and a networking and tea session.

Ever since, Syed Ahmed of DPL, has been elected as the Chairman, he has been on the fore-front to tackle the problems faced by Pakistan’s technology industry today.

“The idea behind the meetup is simple”, says Syed, “We want to sit together with the great minds in the industry, prepare for what’s coming at us and do it better together rather than relying on the Government. With a collaborative plan and game-­changing strategy, we can put forward an agenda of how we visualize the IT industry in the future and what can be done to take the industry and the country to the next level.”

Over 100 tech executives have already signed up for the event.

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