PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results: Zong has the fastest internet and the best service

By Asra Rizwan on
April 18, 2016
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In 2014, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority introduced Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) in Pakistan through four popular Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs). The Authority recently initiated a survey in twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi along with Peshawar to assess the quality of service provided by these NGMS and CMOs. The purpose of the survey was to keep track of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established in their license and regulation agreements. The survey is also under progress in other cities as well and will assess the quality of service being provided all over Pakistan.

Key Performance Indicators for NGMS

User Data Throughput defines user internet speed to be provided by NGMS operators in terms of data rate. The throughput for all NGMS operators has exceeded the benchmark set for in their licenses. The internet speed of Zong has turned out to be the highest, whereas Ufone is providing the lowest speed.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results

Signal Strength
This KPI accounts for outdoor signal strength. All the NGMS operators have provided good coverage in their areas and thus, exceeding their benchmark. The lowest negative value indicates the highest signal strength.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results

It should be noted here that Ufone and Telenor have better signal strengths than Zong and Mobilink, however their quality of service is superior due to their frequency spectrum.

Key Performance Indicators for CMOs


Network Accessibility defines the probability of the service being available to the user throughout the duration. The graph shows, this KPI has been satisfactory for all operators.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results
Grade of Service defines network blocking as the probability of service that is inaccessible to the user as indicated by their device. The survey reveals all operators are meeting the criteria set in their agreements.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results

Call Connection Time defines the time taken between dialing the call and hearing the first tone. Sadly, all operators have unsatisfactory results for this KPI which greatly effects their overall quality service as a CMO.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results

Call Completion Ratio addresses the amount of call drops. As compared to other operators, Mobilink and Ufone has the highest percentage of call drops recorded, thus their KPI is below the threshold. Though, Zong has a near perfect ratio.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results
End-to-End Speech Quality refers to the voice clarity during phone calls. With Telenor providing the best speech quality, the other operators have also exceeded the benchmark by providing quality service for this KPI.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results

SMS Success Rate refers to the successful delivery of an SMS. Mobilink and Warid have failed to meet the standard for this KPI as compared to other operators. It is an achievement for Zong to have 100% success rate for this KPI.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results
End-to-End SMS Delivery Time refers to the time taken by an SMS to reach from its sender to recipient. All operators are successfully meeting this standard with satisfactory results. While Ufone takes the longest to deliver a message, Zong has the lowest delivery time.

PTA QoS 2016 Survey Results
The survey results have established that all operators providing mobile internet are maintaining signal strength in their respective coverage areas. However, Zong has emerged as the fastest internet for the three cities under consideration. For SMS services, Mobilink and Warid have the lowest success rate. Moreover, The call connection time for every operator has turned out to be unsatisfactory, which goes on to establish how the basic service provision needs extensive improvement. Boosting to be the largest service providers of the country, Mobilink and Ufone has the highest number of call drops. While Mobilink has failed to emerge as a successful service provider for SMS and Voice Services, it is safe to say that Zong is conquering this avenue as well.

Source — PTA

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