PTCL stands out as a truly national brand with its latest viral TVC

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  2 min read >

It’s that time of the year when prominent buildings and offices are illuminated with green and white lights. We also see the Pakistani flag flying high on top of every home, school and even on cars & motorbikes on the road. This is patriotism at its peak and love for Pakistan. This shows that no matter what the situation, we are one nation –  we are united under one flag!

As the fever of Independence Day spreads, you can also witness patriotic messages being exchanged on digital media, with many organizations coming up with Independence Day campaigns that aim to bring everyone together. People are celebrating in their own ways in different parts of the country and more so on social media.

Amongst these ever-green campaigns, one campaign by a national company stood out. Let us share the newly launched TV ad with you all, so you can see for yourself as to why PTCL’s Independence Day campaign is the highlight on this occasion. This TV ad shows PTCL brand as a corporate entity and for the first time depicting the corporate brand of the national company.

The ad truly made its mark with its audience, as it reached over 3.4 million views online in only 48 hours. We are sure that after watching the TVC, quite a lot of people will come to know that PTCL is behind every major corporate organization that connects the country as it provides connectivity to all those corporations that we are so dependent on for our daily routine life such as banks, government institutions & governing bodies, transportation, universities, as well as other telcos! PTCL is everywhere and it literally is spread across the length and breadth of the entire country, from small villages to huge metropolitan cities.

The idea behind this campaign is simple, yet brilliant. The ad starts with the scenic beauty of Pakistan up in the northern areas showing PTCL towers, which simply depicts PTCL’s innovation and technology in our farthest regions. The concept behind this TVC is how PTCL is focused on moving forward while upgrading itself with the state-of-the-art technology connecting small & large enterprises for our convenience. Seeing the shot of their satellite systems represents its impressive progress with the change in technology that is being implemented in Pakistan.

PTCL connects Pakistan to the rest of the world by being a member of four international submarine cable consortiums. All in all, the ad explores the beautiful mountainous regions and valleys surrounded by exquisite landscapes to open skies & vast lands, with PTCL being in the middle of it all. From providing backend connectivity services at any bank’s ATM to connecting the skies, the national company is behind every telecom operator in the country, even to the extent of providing its services and support to country’s leading NGO like Edhi. This subtle, yet expansive campaign eventually leads towards the big idea, which is ‘Isi liye PTCL bana un sab ka aitebar….jin pay hay aap ko aitebar’.

PTCL has been consistently providing telecommunication services to its users such as landline, broadband, SmartTV, along with other products that include Cloud hosting services at its Tier-3 certified Data Centers as well. Not only is it serving end consumers, but the company is at the forefront of connectivity and ICT related services because of its continuous commitment to technology and innovation.

With PTCL coming into existence with Pakistan, the company has been at the forefront in celebrating national events with zeal and fervor, with an ability to unite an entire nation under one flag.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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