PTCL’s new ad campaign promotes spirit of patriotism

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There are some organizations, when we think of them, we think of Pakistan and PTCL is one of them. It has been serving the nation since its inception.

‘P’ campaign – the PTCL musical, especially made for Independence day, has equally enthralling music and video, which is a true depiction of everyday life of Pakistanis. It connects to the hearts and minds of people of Pakistan, as they can relate to the people shown from all the parts of the country.

This campaign has been successful in breaking the clutter for the brand and in rejuvenating company’s brand image.  It has touched people’s hearts and truly represents all Pakistanis.

Traditional in nature, yet upbeat and modern, the tune of ‘P’ campaign is mesmerizing and is composed by one of the most renowned folk music band, ‘Khumariyaan’. It proved to be perfect, in combination with visually aesthetic scenes, showing different regions of Pakistan.

When contacted, Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer, PTCL talked about the theme of the musical. He reiterated that we wanted to capture the spirit of unity and love for the country, showing bond between different generations and representing every day Pakistani in his daily life. I believe that the team managed to represent Pakistani heritage in a very inspiring manner triggering patriotic sentiments across Pakistan. This has been proven as we have already had over one million views online.

Independence Day seems like a perfect time for PTCL to launch such a powerful musical to celebrate the freedom of our nation. Being the national carrier representing Pakistan, it duly understands the responsibility of carrying the name of Pakistan proudly.

We hope to see progress for the better future of Pakistan and PTCL. You can view the musical below and give your feedback.

Written by TechJuice
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