PyCon Pakistan Conference to attract Python developers from all over the country

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The Python Conference, better known as PyCon, is coming to Pakistan this fall. The two-day event will be held from October 28th to 29th.

PyCon is a conference dedicated to the discussion and promotion of the Python programming language. It was first held in the United States and has, since then, been held in numerous other countries that have active Python developer communities.

Python is one of the world’s top programming languages. A recent survey by TIOBE Programming Community Index ranked it at number 5 while IEEE ranked Python as the top coding language in the world. It is used widely, in fact, popular websites like Buzzfeed, Uber, Pinterest, and Slack have been developed using Python.

How to attend PyCon Pakistan

For Pakistani Python developers, PyCon Pakistan can serve as a great opportunity to interact and network with fellow programmers, and attend talks about the advancements being made related to Python. Tickets for the event are available at PKR 500 for students and PKR 1,500 for professionals.

How to become a speaker at PyCon Pakistan

If you’re a keen Python developer PyCon Pakistan 2017 could serve as a great opportunity for you to attend as a speaker and influence new, interested programmers.

In order to attend the conference as a speaker, you can submit a proposal online. The PyCon team is looking for engaging content related to Python whether it be tutorials, case studies, or your personal experience with Python. You can either submit a proposal for a Talk or a Workshops. Talks are limited to a maximum of 45 minutes and should be supported by visual aid. While workshops are limited to a maximum of 90 minutes and their aim will be to give engaging tutorials that can be of benefit to both beginners and advanced programmers.

Some of the topics which PyCon Pakistan would like to cover include History and Evolution of Python, Libraries & Frameworks, Languages & Features, Python Paradigms, and Applied Python.

PyCon Pakistan also holds regular meetups. Their upcoming meetup will be held in Lahore on August 19th.

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