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Qatari Man Wins Gold in Geneva For Creating the World’s First Smart Prayer Rug

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Smart Prayer Rug Sajadah
Created by Qatari Engineer ‘Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis’, the prayer rug features a small screen with lights and built-in speakers, providing instructions for over 25 prayers

A Qatari Engineer has just been honored with a gold medal at the 48th International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva for his creation of the world’s first smart prayer rug named as Sajadah.

The Sajadah is a smart rug that is designed to look just like a regular rug but also has a small screen with light and a speaker system that provides easy instructions for over 25 muslim prayers in both English and Arabic.

“World’s First Smart Educational Prayer Rug for every Muslim, Sajdah, teaches new Muslims how to pray properly without any worries. Muslims can also improve their prayer experience by reading the Qur’an from Sajdah’s LED screen during Taraweeh, Qyam, and other prayers,” said Khamis while describing the smart prayer rug in a Twitter post.

Alongside this tweet, Khamis also posted a promotional video that completely described his award winning product, it also shows that the ‘Sajadah’ can be controlled through a mobile application and can be a great tool for new muslims.

New muslim converts often face difficulties trying to memorize and pray different salah’s patterns and ayah’s during their prayers, however a tool such as ‘Sajadah’ can make things a lot easier for them.

It’s very rare that you, someone adopting technology for the betterment of our religion, but it’s about time more people take inspiration from people like Khamis and create products that help their communities.

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