Pakistan Is Ready To Sell Its LNG Power Plant For $1.5 Billion

The government of Pakistan is ready to sell its Two Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) power plants for $1.5 billion....

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Jan 9 · >

Govt to Supply 51% Stakes in PIA & Roosevelt Hotel to Qatar

On Monday, the government rejected a proposal to sell two LNG-fired power facilities to Qatar in favor of offering...

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Aug 17 · >

Qatar to provide jobs to 300,000 Pakistanis in preparation for the FIFA world cup 2022

The Qatar Consul General Mishal M Al-Ansari on Monday spoke of Doha’s plans to enhance Pakistanis’ employment opportunities by...

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Mar 2 · >

Qatar offers to upgrade five airports in Pakistan with latest technology

Prime Minister Imran Khan called a meeting today to discuss the offer made by the Qatari Emir to help...

Jul 15 · >

$3 billion Qatari investment to boost economy and create jobs, says Firdous

Qatar is going to provide $3 billion package to Pakistan, in the form of direct investment and deposits. This...

Jun 25 · >