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How To Raise Money On CrowdFunding Website?

Nuzhat Sheikh Written by Nuzhat Sheikh · 2 min read>

Pitching your dream startup and setting off an online fundraising campaign is only half the battle. Finding people to donate in the meantime is real fight.

Entrepreneurs don’t hail from somewhere above in the sky and become a success overnight, they are individuals like you and me, born and raised learning things from circumstances and surroundings. What distinguish us from them are vision, grit and efforts that they put on their path to achievement. Nonetheless, as you have decided to turn your inspiration into a reality, you’ve got to adhere to the cause and devote life’s blood to accomplish the goal. Driven by your passion, we’ve canvassed some basic practices about fundraising that anyone can pursue and bring out a proper fundraising campaign with a massive impact on the whole. So, how do you get started?

Set up goal

These are the few nitty-gritty’s that you’ve to determine before demonstrating your project on crowdfunding site. Ponder your moves economically, (For example, how much you wanna raise? how much the crowdfunding site will cost you?) Do some basic mathematical calculations and set for a realistic goal. Neither it should be too high corresponding to your idea nor too low that it almost seems unrealistic.

Lay off an unrealistic campaign and it could result in total failure. Furthermore, donors may be put-off if they do not believe in your goals; you’ll need to find a creative approach to obtain the funds you need.

Beat the drum for your idea

There’s no better way to grab attention of donors, and advertisement is indeed one crucial step to execute. A great source to expose your project is social networking, start with a gripping content promoting on multiple social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and forget not for regular tweets.

However, the best way to get support for your cause through crowdfunding is by creating compelling fundraising pages. Use pictures and videos wherever possible, tell an amazing story, and explain to people exactly how your idea can change the world, why you need money and what you could do with it for the betterment.

Your project is really not for display on crowdfunding site and waiting for money to roll in your lap make less sense. In order to reach your goal, you must spread the word!

Engage People

Of course, you’ve got to build a crowd for your crowdfunding. There’s no magical community on Internet that will see your project and fund right there. Enough of DIY rule, your next step got to be DIT (Do it together).

Build a bigger community by bringing your closest people to be a part of your campaign. You can do that by utilizing your own network of friends and family. Moreover, you can count on their authenticity, confidence and enthusiasm and that’s what success demands. The more interested people you involve in your campaign, the bigger is your chance to accomplish your fundraising goal.

Honor your donor

Yes, the money doesn’t grow on trees and there are not so many sources available to raise funds in such a convenient way as crowdfunding. In the end, sending a thanking email to contributors and donors as a kind gesture to express gratitude after you’re backed up will do no harm.

Do it for sake of personal connection or attribute that encouraged them to donate in your venture. This is your reliable lead to establish yourself both personally and professionally.

Bear in mind that entrepreneurship is an out-and-out learning process. Today, they invest, tomorrow you will. Everything comes at a cost of something and here it’s the efforts that you make on the road to success.

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh
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