Rewterz offers free cyber-security services during the Coronavirus lockdown

Written by Tehreem Farooqi ·  1 min read >

In these difficult times, Rewterz has decided to provide cyber security services to companies providing essential services as major industries of the world come to a halt due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Rewterz is a cyber security company based out of Dubai committed to consistently providing world class professional security services.

Cyber attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity controls of medical facilities, factories, government infrastructure, banking industry and even homes. In the past week alone, a number of campaigns have emerged that appear to be targeting critical healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The major of which include cyber atack on Czech hospital system, hacking of Netflix, Disney+ accounts, and many other cyber attacks on mobile apps and websites.

Pakistan also went into lockdown last week with everyone shifting to work from home other than skeleton staff in some organizations. PTA has reported a 15% increase in internet usage just in a week. People are relying more and more on online services which puts everyone at a higher risk of being attacked by cyber criminals.

To help keep the essential services running, Rewterz is offering the following services free of cost to businesses providing essential services to Pakistanis while they work from home.

  • Free cybersecurity awareness virtual training for your entire staff about how to stay protected from corona virus related attacks during this time
  • Free cybersecurity health check and assessment of applications which have become essential during lockdown.

Rewterz has been at the forefront of Cybersecurity since 2006. Our security professionals having years of extensive experience are on the frontlines of the most advanced cybersecurity services in the region. If you are a business offering some sort of online services to people of Pakistan during lockdown, drop us an email at and we will help you ensure undisrupted service.

Written by Tehreem Farooqi
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