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The rise and rise of SMSall

Written by Ezaaz Waseem ·  1 min read >

If anything has brought all political parties together it is not any agenda. No matter how hard one tries it is tough to find one single occasion where all political parties agree to one thing or a stance or any idea. If there is someone worthy of this credit, it is undoubtedly the man behind SMSall.

A venture spun off to SMSall on 20th May 2010 with a userbase of 200,000 saw a tremendous growth in days that followed. Oxford University Press being its first client and 1 million users in 7 months was a major breakthrough for a company started off as an SMS based mass communication service. Now as a mobile social network it has over 7 million users and more than 30 corporate clients.

The growth of business might not inspire many people other than those directly linked with SMSall. However, no one can deny the amount success it has garnered as a pioneer mobile social network of Pakistan.

  • If you have received a laptop via Shahbaz Sharif’s Youth Initiative, you know SMSall
  • If you are a diehard follower of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s activities you know SMSall
  • If you are a part of Prime Minister’s Youth Program you know SMSall
  • If you are a Jiyala of Pakistan People’s Party you know SMSall
  • If you are Shaukat Khanum’s volunteer/donor/fundraiser you know SMSall

I voted for XYZ but all of us used SMSall

The best thing about the venture is its unique quality to attract all the political foes. All of the major political parties chose this brand to create a buzz in a country where access to a mobile phone is one of the easiest. With SMS conveyed to masses in both Urdu and English it facilitated so many of its clients (political parties) way more than expected. SMS based polls and all the unique ideas from a very basic mobile feature was bound be a SUCCESS Story.

From Political parties to education boards to giant brands of Pakistani market. All of them are clients of SMSall.

From phone to smartphone

The new thing which gathered much attention is their presence on Android. SMSall has finally made a Play Store featured app known as the SMSall Messenger. Though it has not been downloaded much despite its immense promotion, the app is seriously worth a try.

With features like groups, hashtags (trending), locality based search it is again another “soon to be a HIT” kind of app. Far too different from Viber, WhatsApp or Line, it brings with it some new stuff. Above all it is Pakistani. Keep watching this space for more surprises by SMSall.

Written by Ezaaz Waseem
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