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Run Sheeda Run, A Truly Desi Game

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Run Sheeda Run

Update: The application has been released for public, you can check out our review of the game here.

A while back it was cool to play Angry Birds and Temple Run. Fast forward to today and you will find that the recent trend leans towards ‘desi’ games, games flavored with a touch of local culture. The fad is catching on, it seems, because only recently we covered Oye Flappy, a Flappy Bird Variant with a twist. We now present another interesting smartphone game – Run Sheeda Run. Meet Sheeda!

Sheeda, don’t let the name deceive you, is a man on a mission. Think of him as the Superman of chickens, or at least one chicken. The game involves Sheeda trying to save a chicken from the evil intentions of a ‘Qasai’. What that means is that poor Sheeda is running for his life. In principle, the idea is similar to tens of running games that are available in the App Store and the Play Store but we are really excited about this one. Here are some reasons why:

The game theme is creative. The graphics feature the local streets of Lahore and the music is the ever favorite, Punjabi mix. The Qasai is a proper, old school villain with muscular build and twisting mustaches. Our protagonist is a puny, tender-aged boy already weak and exhausted by the heat and hours of loadshedding. The team behind this creative venture is WeRPlay, one of Pakistan’s best game development centers. After developing many different successful games, this team is shifting towards new dimensions in creativity. We also featured SpinIt a simplistic, flat design iOS game. Clearly the company is diverging towards new ways to create more interesting and innovative games.

Run Sheeda Run is due to be released in the upcoming weeks for Android Users and you will soon be able to play the game on your smartphone but for now, you can take a look at the game trailer. What do you think about Desi Games like Run Sheeda Run? Let us know in the comments below!

Run Sheeda Run Teaser Trailer from weRplay on Vimeo.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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