Samsung Galaxy S9 new default ringtone “Over The Horizon” will make your heart flutter

Written by Nimra Puri ·  1 min read >

Samsung has revealed a new version of default ringtone “over the Horizon” for Galaxy S9 after revealing other innovative features like radical new camera tech, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor and a new face unlocking system. With the unveiling of this new ringtone, people are now more anxiously waiting for S9 release.

Only a few days left in the launch of Galaxy S9, which will be launching on February 25 and company released a new recycle “over the horizon” default ringtone. As the melody of Samsung Galaxy S9 has been updated every year, where the last time ringtone was giving a jazz note, while this time company chooses a combination of piano and violin.

New ringtone is a piece of an art from Icelandic composer Petur Jonsson, who has created a Sumptuous oeuvre for Default ringtone this year.

Samsung has undoubtedly explained the ringtone with right words, according to the company;

“Listening to this year’s piece by Jónsson, you will find that the notes arouse the purest, fundamental elements of the human sentiment that often remain hidden in our daily lives. In this way, the latest version of Samsung’s brand sound has the power to relax the mind and heal the soul, thus resonating with all who hear it, regardless of their age.”

Samsung has been using “over the horizon” default ringtone since 2011, with every year the company gives little changing to the ringtone to provide fresh stance for the user.

This time ringtone is more soothing and heart fluttering, after people have listened to the melody reviews have started surfacing. Where some people think that melody is providing romantic touch with peace and calm, other said ringtone is more like a cure for a broken heart.

The ringtone is not the only eye-catchy thing which Samsung released but also a video that shows the beauty of Nordic Nature which has been attracting the people to get involved with this new melody.

Well! if you have still not got a chance to listen to Galaxy S9’s ringtone, here’s the video;