Samsung offers Pakistanis replacement of smartphone with a Galaxy S6 Edge and Note 5

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Update: We have confirmed with Samsung Pakistan, the offer is valid from 1st February till 31st March which is why currently consumers might not be able to get any information from Samsung outlets and toll numbers. And, more details of the offer added.

Samsung is launching a special ‘Trade-In’ program to provide the consumers with an opportunity to replace their smartphone (read: iPhone) with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or a Galaxy Note 5 device. This limited-time offer will continue from the 1st February till 31st March 2016, whereby the consumers can simply trade-in their existing Smartphone with these cutting-edge Samsung devices. Every customer who avails this Trade-In offer will also get a Free Samsung Gear VR.

This is one of the many offers introduced by Samsung international to convert iPhone users to Samsung. Not too long ago, the Korean Giant offered iPhone users to test drive any Samsung phone of their choice for 30 days in a shockingly low 1$ price. The test-drive phones were all ordered in remarkable one day time.

Mr. J H Lee, President at Samsung Pakistan; “This offer reflects Samsung’s commitment to provide globally leading technologies with unmatched convenience for the consumers. The social-networking enthusiasts and Online info-tainment fans, who aspire to own and enjoy their very own Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy Note 5 device, can now avail this great opportunity to fulfill their desire, to own one of these coveted smartphones, which will empower them to achieve the ultimate level of productivity and style”.

You will be able to avail this opportunity at limited Samsung’s hand-picked stores across Pakistan. SES Shops and Hero Shopes are inclusive of that. Here is the process, your current smartphone will be evaluated and a price will be offered for that gadget, you will pay on top (if required) to get Note 5 or S6 Edge and a free Samsung VR headset.

Samsung recently lost the case of copying some of the iPhone features against Apple which led to the ban of 9 Samsung Galaxy devices but these devices are already obsolete which didn’t hurt Samsung as much.

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