Samsung’s curved displays are getting annoying, poll results

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Samsung has been experimenting with curved screens for years, from the Samsung Galaxy Round which is also known as “the world’s first curved display smartphone” to its Edge series smartphones and the Galaxy S8+ and even S9. Samsung has been introducing two variants for its S-series flagships one with a double-curved screen like the Galaxy S7 Edge and the other with a very traditional flat screen like the Galaxy S7.

When Samsung released the Galaxy S8 and S8+ it totally eliminated the choice for users as both variants have curved edge displays. Since then Samsung had stuck to its curvy design as recently launched Galaxy S9 and S9+ follow the same design. Phone Arena, a leading news outlet with in-depth insights of smartphones has recently conducted a survey to ask Samsung’s devices owners that what actually they want, and by far the results go most of the people don’t love Samsung’s curves as much as Samsung thinks.

The poll conducted by the site asked questions like “A high-class Samsung phone with a flat-screen – yay or nay?” with options given for users to vote such as; “A normal Galaxy S flagship, please…” and “Nah, the curves are absolutely cool!”. However, the majority of the voters liked the option that Samsung had been practicing previously limiting the curves “to only one device and return the rest to normal, please”.

A lot of people want to see flat screens in flagships again. The poll results show that just 30% of voters want the curvy screens to stay as they are, while the rest want some kind of a change.

Meanwhile, with “curved screen” and “edgeless display” designs becoming distinguishing features of truly modern smartphones, odds are good that we’ll be seeing plenty of such specimens pop up throughout 2018. Though LG Display is also working on a curved OLED display yet its work is still no match for the Samsung’s almighty “Infinity Display”.

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