Samsung trademarks SAMOLED name for new screen.

Samsung is a very well-known name in the smartphone industry, especially when it come to touchscreen displays. The company...

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Nov 12 · >

Apple owes Samsung over $170 million in penalties for not selling enough iPhones

The Cupertino tech giant Apple could be once again in trouble, but this time not due to legal pursuance...

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Jun 26 · >

Samsung Display tops the mobile market with $3.4 billion worth of shipments in Q1 2019

Samsung Display, a separate business holding under the South Korean tech behemoth Samsung Electronics, has again topped the global...

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Jun 17 · >

Samsung responds to Galaxy Fold’s mysterious display problem, no delay in release date

Galaxy Fold‘s broken screen problems could lead to a potential Fold Gate scandal. A few tech journalists from renowned...

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Apr 18 · >

Samsung Galaxy Fold display has a weird breaking problem

Samsung Galaxy Fold which is set to release at the end of this month is facing some troubling display...

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Apr 18 · >

Samsung claims it has made an ‘unbreakable’ display for future smartphones

Samsung claimed that it has developed an “unbreakable” OLED screens of smartphones made from flexible plastic rather than glass....

Jul 27 · >

LG unveils world’s first rollable and semi-transparent 77-inch OLED display

The South Korean tech giant, LG has recently showcased its prototypes of both rollable OLED displays and semi-transparent OLED...

May 24 · >

Samsung shows how the Galaxy Note 9’s in-display fingerprint sensor will work

For now, there isn’t any modern smartphone innovation more intriguing than that of the in-display fingerprint sensor. And given...

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May 4 · >

Samsung’s curved displays are getting annoying, poll results

Samsung has been experimenting with curved screens for years, from the Samsung Galaxy Round which is also known as...

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Apr 5 · >

LG will supply foldable OLED display to Sony for upcoming smartphones, report

LG and Sony will extend their current TV OLED partnership into smartphones. Where there is smoke, there is probably...

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Jan 30 · >

Samsung’s foldable phone with 7.3-inch OLED display might launch in December 2018

Samsung’s folding phone have been appearing in rumors and leaks since last year and over half a dozen patents...

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Jan 9 · >

LG to unveil world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED display at CES 2018

The anticipation of the biggest tech show CES 2018 is soon going to end, as the event is going...

Jan 1 · >