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How to sell yourself as a Software Developer

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When you get started with your job hunt, almost every company you go to will say they’re looking for someone with prior coding experience. To make yourself stand out from the competition, it’s important that you have some form of online presence. You can do this through Github, a personal blog or a simple Twitter account. Being a developer doesn’t apply to your ability to just sift through hundreds of lines of code, it’s about how you go around tackling problems and finding solutions. So, creating content online to assist your career is an option well worth exploring.

1. Make an account on Github.

Github is the world’s leading software development platform so many companies would prefer that you already know how to use this tool. You can prove that and show off your best code by creating your own Github account and using it as a repository for your projects. If you’re applying for software engineering or computer science roles without a huge amount of prior experience, companies are going to want to see examples of what you’ve done, and GitHub is pretty much the first place they’ll go.

2. Start and maintain a blog

If don’t have one, go ahead and buy a personal domain name. Fancy names are great if you are trying to build a business. But a personal brand should be exactly that — personal. Don’t worry too much on what text should accompany your code or spend hours obsessing over the technicalities with your blog. It shouldn’t be taking out a huge chunk of your day.

Also, try and remember that all your posts don’t have to be too technical. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will always have some experience, be it a day, which is miles better than having none of it. Someone will find value in what you have to say.

3. Sign up on Twitter

Twitter is an easy way to get direct access to many high profile members of the coding and tech community. It’s also a great way to keep up to date with industry news and events. Remember that your tweets are there for the whole world to see, so try to be helpful, kind, and offer valuable advice. Social media is a great opportunity to build your personal brand so use it correctly to network and share your enthusiasm with like minded people.

4. Do freelance projects.

A great way to get some substance for your portfolio is to do some freelancing on the side. It’ll give you the chance to build your experience and pad your bank balance while helping you round out your portfolio. The projects don’t have to be huge ones. You can, for example, revamp a local restaurant’s website or to create a simple newsletter for a charity organization.

5. Be consistent across all platforms

When you think of a brand like Nike or Adidas, you most-definitely associate the brand with their respective logo or slogan. This is exactly the same when evaluating your personal brand. Make sure that you have the same profile picture and bio across all platforms. Your aim is that people recognize you and your brand no matter where they come across it.

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