Serving telco customers through digital services

Written by Faisal Ashfaq ·  2 min read >

Increased internet penetration has empowered consumers to instantly reach out to brands on their digital platforms with feedback and complaints.

Being highly competitive and to gain mindshare of the masses, the telecom industry has come up with multiple offers on digital platforms, thus increasing overall digital adoption.   

One major factor in how various companies are adopting a customer-centric approach is through engagement strategy on digital front using their customer services. ‘Customer Support Representatives’ have a tough time as they cater to every whim and wish of the consumer including their plethora of complaints and negative comments. In order to understand how these telcos are dealing with millions of consumers on a daily basis, we must first understand how they perceive their customer services.

Consumers, perhaps, do not realize that their feedback or complaints create a state of emergency for any reputed brand. ‘Customer Support Representatives’ utilize all their skills and resources using their systems and process to make sure that they effectively revert to a customer’s negative complaint or feedback. 

In this regard, major telecommunication service providers on this front include PTCL, Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor and Zong. We have chosen to evaluate PTCL to understand the processes and best practices that the company follows through their Customer Services and our findings are summed up below:

Sharing Valuable Information

PTCL, including other telecommunication brands, regularly shares valuable content on their official digital platforms. This information consists of announcing their new services & products, their new offers & pricing of various packages/ bundles or their CSR activities including awareness campaign on issues close to them for building positive momentum. For instance, in order to change customer behavior, PTCL ran a campaign on promoting their digital platforms for payment of bills as their customers were used to paying their bill through traditional channels. The company also has numerous digital channels for other purposes including:

  • Complaint registration
  • Self-Care portal
  • Live Chat
  • Option to give feedback

Building Meaningful Customer Relations   

The second-best practice of such active brands including PTCL is to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship through direct engagement with their customers. When a customer shares their experience with the brand, whether it’s negative or positive, the company learns about the customer’s perception of the brand. This provides an opportunity for the brand to bring improvements to its services that becomes valuable for the customers in the end. We have seen PTCL evolve as a brand during the past few years by practicing social listening and taking improvement initiatives. 

People have seen PTCL since inception of Pakistan and have high expectations from the national company, as it is the backbone of connectivity in Pakistan. We have seen how PTCL Customer Service is actively listening to their customers as it responds to their queries on their digital platforms in a timely manner. The unique positioning of PTCL is that, it is also serving small towns in Pakistan, alongside major metropolitan cities with a huge customer diversity. In order to serve the nation, PTCL has ensured its presence in far-flung areas where we find no one else! 

Being Proactive

The third best practice of the most prominent brands is to be proactive at all times. This practice is perhaps mandatory for any brand that wishes to satisfy its customer in the best possible way. When the brand remains proactive, the customer feels relevant and important as he is being heard and responded to, along with improving customer loyalty. Being proactive also has other various benefits to the brand including:

  • It shows that they care
  • Builds trust
  • Establishes loyalty
  • Provides value
  • Connect emotionally with the customer
  • Be sensitive to any future issues

We have monitored the customer feedback on PTCL digital platforms and found out that their community management is proactive and asks customers for their details in their inbox to keep their privacy intact. We have also found that as these complaints are being handled in the inbox usually, they end up staying open to public eye as customers are not that quick to appreciate publically once their complaints are addressed. This is generally the usual consumer trend on all brands, whereby they may not be so generous to give appreciation or close the loop once their complaints are taken care of.

Real Life Examples

The screenshots below show cases readiness of brands like PTCL when engaging with their customers to ensure positive experience and satisfaction. Stay home and stay safe while enjoying these services. 

PTCL’s Digital Bill Payment Options


PTCL’s video on initiatives taken to support the nation during COVID-19



Last but not least, brands who keep their promises get loyalty from customers and also endorse through word of mouth. Brands who are always catering to the demand of their consumers and listening to their feedback, win them over!