Social media is useful to raise voice for rights: Fawad Ch

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Ch has predicted that social media would soon become the main formal media due to its popularity among people. The minister in an exclusive interview with a private news channel said that social media was in access to almost every other person, as reported by APP.

He said that through this media even a common person could raise his voice against any issue to claim their rights. The medium gives people a chance to get noticed easily. Otherwise, the formal electronic media and print media outlets have a full-fledged mechanism to check the authenticity of news before publish or broadcasting them on their channel, the minister added.

Giving his remarks regarding memes about him he said, “I don’t mind memes against me rather I take it as a feedback to move in a right way besides the PTI’s leadership is being accountable on daily basis”.

While commenting on social media usage in modern times Fawad Ch said that it was a new challenge for the whole society to keep a reasonable balance between using social media and performing daily family obligations. He informed that he monitors and manages his social media account himself, while the party’s social media accounts are being looked after by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) media cell.

He also stated, “Though one could not deny the importance of internet in the current era it had ruined the already dying book reading trend, adding reading a book could open one’s mind which definitely internet can’t do”.

Fawad Ch who always manages to stay in the news because of his controversial statements and interviews has recently said in a tweet that Pakistan will send its first person to space in 2022 to mark the biggest space event in the country’s history. He announced that initially, the government will select fifty people for its space mission. Afterward, they will further shortlist 25 people and hence, one would be selected for the space program by 2022.

While there is no doubt that social media is a powerful medium to raise voices and spread awareness, the authenticity of the information shared on this medium is highly questionable. There are many individuals who use this medium to fuel their agendas and spread false news which creates uncertainty. The creator of social media websites are trying their best to tackle this issue but it will take some time to fully resolve it.