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Spotify Mixes gives you personalized playlists based on your favorite artists and genres

Written by Usman Aslam ·  51 sec read >

Spotify, the largest music streaming service, is taking the next step to give the users what they actually prefer. This has been achieved through ‘Spotify Mixes’ which is basically a set of personalized playlists populated with songs you already like and then supplemented with additional songs the application thinks you’ll like, based upon your favorite artists and genres. The is new feature is rolling out on the Spotify app globally starting today for both free and premium Spotify subscribers.

Although Spotify already has a streaming service that offers a similar feature in the form of ‘Daily Mixes’, which will appear in the ‘Made For You’ section, the problem is that this becomes hard to work out the unifying theme of each playlist due to the fact these playlists are named as ‘Daily Mix 1’ and so on. This in short becomes a hassle to navigate which kind of music is more preferable.

With Spotify Mixes, people will be clearly able to determine the kind of playlists have what kind of songs. According to Spotify, each Mix category will include multiple playlists, and they’ll update frequently to stop your listening from getting stale. Once available, you should be able to find them within ‘Search’ in the ‘Made For You’ hub.

All in all, with Spotify, now reach almost every country and being more convenient it’s no surprise that the company will literally dominate the music industry for years to come.

Written by Usman Aslam
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