Student from Peshawar develops electric bike which can go 102 km on a single charge

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December 8, 2018
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A young engineer from Peshawar recently developed an environment-friendly electric bike in a bid to reduce air pollution. As per the news, the electric bike comes with an electric engine and runs on chargeable batteries. What’s impressive about this bike is that it only takes three hours to fully charge itself and the bike can cover up to an impressive 102 km in one charge. The maximum weight that the bike can carry is 250 kilogram. Interestingly, the engineer has said that the bike can be manufactured in mass production if the government provides financial support.

Currently, the only manufactured model of the bike seems to be made with durable material, the battery used in the bike has enough battery cycles to last 15 years. The bike takes 45 minutes to reach 80% charge while the full battery charge takes 130 minutes. The bike also features Digital dashboard, horn, front and back lights and Shimano gears. The weight of the bike is around 18 Kg.

The bike supports three modes:
  • Full electric (100KM range)
  • Pedal Assist (165KM range)
  • Full Manual (Unlimited range)


The price of the bike is currently a bit on the higher end since expensive parts and technology pushes the price of the e-bike to $600-700. This acts as a disadvantage to the sales of the bike since there are many affordable Chinese electric bikes compared to this, furthermore, at this price point, consumers can easily get a Honda’s CD-70.

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