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The parent company behind the highly acclaimed Burka Avenger series, Unicorn Black will launch Taazi in the upcoming weeks. It is Pakistan’s first digital content distribution website which will offer a legal and paid music service to Pakistani music lovers. The paid content will help generate revenue for artists in the form of royalties which are rightfully deserved. Taazi will be the only music platform of Pakistan to offer monetization for artists work and thus support the music industry of Pakistan.

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Taazi will be the first music site in Pakistan created by musicians, keeping in mind the needs of the musician in the music industry. Artists will retain 100% of their copyright, Taazi will act as a distributor and monetization platform. From the generated revenues, Taazi will pay out 70% to the artists with the site only keeping 30%.

The artists will be paid in cash every time a local or international user purchases and download a song using their mobile balance, PayPal / Credit Card from Taazi.

Taazi is only a distribution platform, it is also the first music-based social network, giving users a range of ways to communicate and connect amongst each other to discuss music. Users will be able to add, share music and videos, purchase music, invite friends, share songs on their Facebook wall, follow artists, etc. This is also open to producers or owners of original content, whether artists or labels and earn revenue.

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Taazi currently boasts 2000 registered artists and 10,000 registered users, housing over 100,000 songs in the library. Taazi plans to continue making efforts to educate the masses and encourage them to say “No To Piracy”, in an act to encourage the growth of more listeners and help give back to artists through royalties. Taazi is currently on the Google Play Store, that helps make access more easy and user-friendly. You can check out the beta version of the website here.

Songs on the app are for only Rs. 10 + Tax and you can also stream the song for free before purchasing it. If you have a favorite musician or band who you wish to support, then this app and site are definitely up your alley.