Tag Heuer introduces its connected Smart Watch

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Smart Watch

The world famous luxurious watch company Tag Heuer launched it’s Connected Smart Watch and enters into the world of digital wearable gadgets besides being famous with their mechanical line of products. The Swiss company is the first traditional brand to enter the wearable technology space and has partnered with technology giants Google and Intel in order to create the connected watch.

Big tech companies such as Samsung, Apple or Google, does not have the market for smart watches all for themselves. Sensing that, it is a huge piece of pie which they could miss, luxurious watch companies such as Breitling, Bulgari, Tissot, Vector and Tag Heuer are now launching their own smart watch brands for their existing customers and also to capture new clientele.

We cannot lose those wrists!

The big question is why a luxurious watchmaker enters into the digital market segment? Well, in a recent launch of Tag Heuer’s Connected Watch, the CEO of Tag Heuer Jean-Claude Biver answered to this question as:

“We believe that there is a new clientele, a whole new -customer base and there is the young next generation and for all these possibilities we wanted to give them a connected watch, but, from our brand, imagine we did not have the connected watch, and our customer goes out and buys another brand, we cannot lose that wrist!”

No Competition with Apple

The current price for Tag Heuer Connected watch is around $ 1500 (£ 1100) and it is far less expensive then the Apple Watch launched last year, the price of which ranges from $10,000 to $17000.

CEO of Tag Heuer Jean-Claude Biver scratched out the possibility of having Apple’s Luxury Watch as a competitor saying that the reason we have launched the connected watch is in defense of capturing the market and keep up to the customers who buy luxurious watches. He further commented on Apple’s luxurious watch, that putting in few grams of gold in watch does not make it luxurious, rather, it makes it expensive.

Is it available in Pakistan

Tag Heuer is a luxury brand of watches and has showcased their mechanical brands with famous movies stars and celebrities including Strings the band, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Shahrukh Khan.

In Pakistan, the mechanical brand is available in several outlets, and since the launch of the connected watch just this November, the watch is available for sales in Pakistan for a price of Rupees 150.000. The watch, branded as “Tag Heuer Connected” is made from lightweight titanium materials and features a large round face, 3D bezel and button to give it a traditional look despite being smart.

Tag Heuer’s connected watch is available in market from November 9

Source Tag Heuer