ChatGPT Can Help You To Earn UpTo Rs 10,000 In A Day:Tips For You

ChatGPT can help any individual to earn money by offering tips and tricks The tool says it is not...

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Apr 5 · >

ChatGPT Introduces AI Written e-books On Amazon

ChatGPT has taken its place almost in every field. So if you plan to become an author or write...

Feb 22 · >

Amazon Has Been Working on a Technology Similar to Chat GPT Since a Long Time

Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy, while talking about generative AI said that Amazon has been working on similar project for...

Feb 22 · >

Top 10 AI Stocks To Buy Now For Good Returns In Future

With the emergence of technology, the world is becoming more advanced daily. Artificial Intelligence has become an amazingly integral...

Feb 21 · >

Women Allegedly Received MDH Masala Boxes After Ordering Oral-B Electric Toothbrush:Worth Rs12,000 (INR) From Amazon

A woman received four MDH Masala Boxes instead of a $12K Oral-B electric toothbrush. Customers have complained several times...

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Feb 15 · >

Amazon Delivered Fake Version Of iPhone 14 Pro Max To a Man In India

Akshaythunga, use Amazon India to order the newest model of iPhone 14 Pro Max, but after receiving the parcel,...

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Feb 13 · >

ChatGPT Answered All Interview Questions For A Software Coding Job: Asked By An Amazon Engineer

ChatGPT Answered all questions correctly asked by an Amazon engineer The interview test was based on many ChatGPT-related topics...

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Jan 27 · >

IT Professional Sells Home And Car To Join Amazon In Europe: Got Fired

Amazon is one of the leading tech companies in the world. The year 2023 has begun with massive layoffs...

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Jan 20 · >

E-Commerce Giant Amazon to Lay Off Over 18,000 Employees

Stemmed from harsh economies and a low profitability, these layoffs will be announced on 18th January According to Chief...

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Jan 5 · >

Amazon Plans to Release a Standalone App for Sports Content

Amazon already owns the right to stream major sporting events such as the NFL and Premier League, putting it...

Dec 29 · >

Amazon Starts Testing Drone Deliveries in Texas and California

Working on drone delivery systems since 2013, Amazon now believes that its drones are now safe and reliable enough...

Dec 28 · >

Government of Pakistan Clears $34 Million in Google Payments Issue

Details suggest that the matter was resolved once the Prime Minister ordered the Standing Committee on Information Technology to...

Dec 26 · >

Amazon’s Strategy To Kill The Barcode

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon plans to replace the barcodes with computer’s vision. Amazon is planning to install cameras...

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Dec 13 · >